Being an early adopter of Blockchain technology, we have gained huge expertise in building high quality, scalable distributed applications and customised protocols. We specialise in Proof of Concept (POC) development and we have successfully developed multiple POCs till date across various industries.


How it works

We provide enterprises with a hyper-scalable enterprise level blockchain architecture which enables them to develop, deploy and scale up distributed blockchain applications which can also be integrated into their legacy systems and data.

Our Blockchain Architecture is optimised to establish trust between parties. You can develop or operate blockchain related applications such as distributed applications or traditional applications. The state-of-the-art architecture has built-in connectivity to your enterprise legacy systems, so that you can leverage your investments. Our solution can be contained within your existing IT enterprise stack or be attached as a side car, inside or outside of the current boundaries of your entire IT landscape. The deployment can be done on premise or Platform As A Service (PAAS).

With our Blockchain development services, we are looking to optimise different business cases with Blockchain technology and explore the opportunity of developing a tailored made solution to suit specific requirements by diving deep into Blockchain Technology.

Technology Stack we use


Our Blockchain Development Services include:

Proof of Concept Development

Proof of Concept Development

We build comprehensive mock-ups to test ideas in real business scenarios to identify gaps and test functionalities of the project. We iterate and reiterate these POCs until an effective, value adding solution is achieved for our clients.

Private Blockchain Development

Private Blockchain Development

Develop and implement a private, permissioned Blockchain to address client’s specific business requirements by utilising cryptography to store data immutably on a distributed ledger.

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Development

BelfricsBT helps your business elevate its performance by implementing Smart Contracts – the digital evolution of a traditional contract with the added benefit of increased transparency, reduced settlement times and controlling risks.We develop secure and competent Smart Contract code to automate the execution of processes in Belrium, Ethereum and HyperLedger Fabric.

HyperLedger and Multichain Development

HyperLedger and Multichain Development

We develop decentralised applications using permissioned Blockchains like Belrium, HyperLedger, Fabric and Multichain for a plethora of sectors like Finance, Healthcare, Energy, Insurance, Aero, Agri Retail, Manufacturing, etc.


Experienced Team

Our team has an average experience of 12 years in this space and is well versed at developing a plethora of blockchain solutions.


We provide you our comprehensive services at a competitive price.

Detail Oriented

Our team aims for perfection and is never willing to settle for anything less. We deliver a product that is better than initially discussed because we go that extra mile.

Custom Requests

We can build a custom product that is tailor-made to your exact requirement.

Ready to see how Belfricsbt can work for you?